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First Truck Parts offers a 365-days warranty for all types of parts and in any condition.
The warranty applies only to buyers who have placed an order on our website. The warranty does not apply when purchasing products on Ebay or Amazon.

The warranty does not apply in the following cases:
1. Normal wear of a spare part
2. Damage to a spare part due to a traffic accident or negligent use
3. Malfunctions of spare parts of the fuel system and the exhaust system due to the use of low-quality fuel (including due to pollution or the use of leaded gasoline)
4.Careless repair of a spare part, during which it appeared damaged externally or technically, after which it lost its properties and is not subject to replacement.
5. Defects, malfunctions or corrosion of spare parts resulting from exposure to industrial and chemical emissions, acid or alkaline pollution
of the air, plant sap, waste products of birds and animals, chemically active substances, including those used to combat icing of roads, hail, lightning and other natural phenomena
6. Operational wear and natural change in condition (including aging) of spare parts such as dpf filter, fuel filter, rible belt, belt poly and so on.

In what cases does the warranty spread
1. Availability of a document confirming the purchase, since the guarantee applies only to buyers who placed an order on our website, in case of loss of the document, please contact us.
2. Availability of a service station certificate for this type of work
3. Documents confirming payment for the work performed in the workshop
4. A documentary conclusion from the service that the spare part cannot be restored.
5. If the spare part cannot be repaired, then we will reimburse you the full amount of the cost of the spare part.

To speed up the process, please observe the following in the application. 1. Describe your problem in detail. 2. Enter your phone number. 3.Fix the photo of the part. 4. Enter your order number. 5. Enter your Name and Surname. We ask you to write to this mail: